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Marcus Rashford hard work recognized with PFA Merit award

rashford celebration

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford celebrates scoring his side's third goal of the game during the Premier League match at Old Trafford, Manchester.

Marcus Rashford has become a star for Manchester United in the last few seasons. However it is work off the pitch which has won him the PFA Merit award. Last year, Rashford successfully pushed the UK government to provide free school meals for children in the summer holidays. In June Rashford became the youngest ever recipient to earn an honorary degree from The University of Manchester. His campaign is not over yet though. Marcus is aiming to get further policy changes. The 22 year old was presented with the award at the AON Training Complex on Tuesday.

Rashord on what this award means to him

This award has been won by many United legends over the years including Sir Alex Ferguson, The class of 92, Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Matt Busby.

”It’s obviously a huge honor and i just hope it encourages and promotes other players to do things to help as much as they can. Of course I’m very happy and I’ll definitely continue to do my best to help people.”

premier league pfa

How this whole campaign started for Rashford

Rashford was coming off a horrible injury and before lockdown United fans weren’t sure they would see Marcus for the rest of the season.

”I was injured during lockdown and at the beginning I was working towards getting back with the team and stuff like that but there were conversations going on saying there might not be games until September. When I was sat at home I just needed something to work towards and a goal to achieve. So that was just something I spoke about with my brothers over the phone and the rest of my family. We just tried to find the best way to try and help people.”

rashford running

Marcus on his biggest achievement

Marcus Rashford talks about what was the most difficult part of his campaign.

”It’s been a long journey but i think the first phase was probably the hardest bit. Learning and self teaching who the right people to get in contact with. We has the ideas but we didn’t know where to pitch them to, so that was probably the most difficult phase of everything really. That was right at the beginning of lockdown.”

Rashford training
Rashford atttempts to shoot in training

Rashford on what he hopes to achieve

Marcus Rashford has done so much for unfortunate children in such a short time period and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

”What we’ve done so far is only a short term answer. Me and my team behind me are just trying to find plans on how we can help these children for the rest of their childhood. We need long term answers to the problem. At the moment we don’t have the answers but we’ll do our best to try and find them and progress the situation that they’re in the best way we can.”

Marcus Rashford celebrates after scoring

Rashford on how he performed this season and how excited he is for next year

Marcus Rashford had a breakout season scoring 22 goals and getting 11 assists. Marcus is looking to get some silverware next season to go along with his PFA award.

‘It’s been a year that’s been quite difficult for me, with injuries and niggles and stuff that I’ve just had to deal with as and when the games come up. It’s been a tough season but also a season where I’ve matured a lot and its been a big year of learning for me.”

”We missed out on those trophies but by very fine margins. Hopefully next year we can go to that extra step. Trophies is what drives this club and it’s whats important to all the players so its something we need to have in the future I’m just looking forward to being Involved in those games.”

Lingard and pogba with europa league trophy

What do you think about what Marcus has done for the children, How do you see him playing next season? Do let us know in the comments below.

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