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Post Match Analysis: Manchester United vs West Ham United

Mason Greenwood

Manchester United played West Ham United in a game which ended as a draw. The draw takes United to third place with 63 points. A disappointing performance from the team. We started the game strongly, but then we let West ham get comfortable in the game. Let’s break down the game and assess what went wrong:

Luke Shaw’s importance

Luke shaw

Luke Shaw got injured against Southampton. Since then, our form has gone down. Shaw, often criticized for not being offensively good, is still our best left-back. He is defensively solid and is a vital part of our build-up play. Williams, today was on toast against bowan. West Ham were always trying to get at Williams on the counter. Williams is not good on the ball under pressure, therefore, we can’t build up from the left-hand side, which we normally do when Shaw plays.

No progression from Midfield

Bruno and Pogba

Bruno, Pogba and Matic were very poor today. They lost the midfield battle and were taking too many touches before moving the ball. To beat a deep-block like West Ham, creativity is needed from the wings as well as from the deep. We weren’t able to do either. Pogba gave away the penalty, which to be fair was harsh. This was arguably Bruno’s worst game. He was is placing passes and when he got into good positions, he was unable to control the ball. Matic was giving away free-kicks in dangerous positions. Overall, it was a poor performance from the midfield.

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Lack of quality in depth

Utd vs derby

Ole made his first change in the 83rd minute. This showed that he doesn’t trust the players he has on the bench. There’s not enough quality on the bench. There are not players there who would come on and impact the game. This further highlights the need for more quality signings.

We have linked to players such as Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish. Both would be so vital to our team. We need such signings to rotate the squad and keep the players fresh. Also, this would allow us to have game-changers on the bench who could impact the game if needed. Fred and Mctominay have been good this season, but they need to step-up if they want to be the first name on the team sheet.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

In the second half, it didn’t look like we wanted to win the game. After we got the goal, we just sat back and took our foot off the pedal. We again let West Ham get into the game and they were looking dangerous. Players looked tired and didn’t show urgency to win the ball back.

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It was a poor performance from the team. We didn’t show enough desire and hunger to win the game. We have a big game against Leicester City. This game is a must-win. Players need to be on it from the whistle go and tactics need to be spot on.

What do you make of the game? Where do you think United need to improve? Do let us know in the comments below.

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