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Tactical Masterclass: Fred

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Fred Rodrigues is a Brazilian International player who plays Central Midfielder for Manchester United. The Brazilian has played 59 games under two different managers at Man Utd. He is a player with who has high work ethic and is mobile in different positions. He has gone through different tactical shift over his career at Man Utd. This article follows the tactical journey of the Brazilian International and sees to explore his desired position at the rising United Squad.

Early Days

The Brazilian plays the role of an All round playmaker in the midfield . Fred was a key figure in the midfield for Shakthar Donetsk. He not only helped the club lift the league title in 17/18 but also made standout performances in UCL. He impressed both the Manchester clubs with his performance against Napoli in 2-1 victory over them in the UCL.

The player at Shakthar played in a fluid 4-2-3-1. He was not only tasked to set deep to protect the defenders but also act as an playmaker. The system followed by the Shakthar was to press full backs high and split centre backs to cover the open spaces. To help the defenders from the vulnerability of  counter attacks Fred used to set up as a Free Roam CM. He had a double pivot role in the system. The Brazilian was also tasked with breaking the lines by directly providing through balls to the final third. He had a dangerous role in the system tasked with huge responsibility. This is because a wrong pass or failure to spot danger would open up the whole defence. Fred completely bossed the role and showed his control and composure in the midfield.

Jose Mourinho signed Fred to complete a three man midfield . This move was made with regard to providing Pogba ore freedom going forward. United bought the Brazilian for 54 million. From then he was directly placed alongside Pogba and was made responsible for making quick passes in the team. The player was also tasked with defending the lines when Pogba moved forward. This role made him score only 1 goal with 0.6 chances created. The role changed as soon as Ole got the as manager.

Under Ole

The Brazilian got a few more additional roles under Ole. He was not only supposed to be passing magnet but also tasked with Aggressive Interceptions. The result of this was that Fred had almost 2 interceptions more per game. The player dribble rate also increased from 0,9 to 1.9. he also has a Tackle success rate of 54% and has 326  ball recoveries in PL.

This season has been the Breakout season for the Brazilian. Due to injuries of main Midfield Player and Age of Matic, the leadership role was taken by Fred. He has 87.7% passing accuracy with 242 duels won in the midfield this season. This signifies the strength of the Brazilian and the growth he has shown over the tenure at Man Utd.

Fred was one of the biggest beneficiaries after the arrival of Bruno Fernandes. The arrival of the Portuguese did not only lower his burden but also help him make plays from the deep. He has not only increased his rate for 2nd pass assists but also has used the open spaces provided by Bruno effectively. The two goals against Club Brugge is a main example of how he is using his all round skills well. Fred is not only attempting more shots on goal but creating better chances in the final third. Defensively he has had taken charge with Matic forming a two CDM formation which protects United backline against threats well.

Preferred Position

When Pogba returns it would be interesting to see how Ole sets up Fred. He might prefer to play Mctominay to provide more strength in the Central Defensive Area and protect the two Centre Backs. The Brazilian in my opinion sets up best as a No:6 with a stringent role of staying back. In other words the player should stick to the zone to zone marking and let Pogba Roam Free in the midfield. Besides can also act as a facilitator to Pogba In the Midfield.

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The other positions he has can be placed is in place of Pogba during his absence. He can be allotted the free roam role and make a Pentagon type of formation in Midfield. It is very similar to the to he did against Man City at Old Trafford.

Fred has lot of potential to be a great CM. he needs to develop his shooting accuracy and track back skills to complete the United Midfield. What are your thoughts on Our Brazilian Red?. Let us know in the comments .!

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